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Mythology Schedule

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Our Schedule:

1- Mythology group KWL

Greek Gods and

Goddesses Chart.doc 





Video- The Gods o

f Olympus Cartoon.doc

2- Gods Puzzle

Gods "Hello... My Name Is..." 

Review Games:

Gods and Roles: http://quizlet.com



Gods and other information: http://quizlet


3-Gods Quiz Mythology Today Information

Mythweb Today.doc


Use the mythweb website link




Myth BioPoem.doc

4. Mythweb Review


Picture Dictionary Project

Mythweb Today Dictionary.doc

 Read "King Midas and the Midas Touch from Mark Twain Book 

Myth Today Review.ppt

5. Share dictionaries Round Robin Syle

Myth Dictionary Round Robin.doc


Mythology Today Quiz 


8- Begin Hero Study


Do Chart for each new story 

Hero Chart.doc


Read "Jason"

Jason from Mythweb.doc

Use mythweb.com link:http://www.mythweb.



9-Review "Jason"


Choose a scene to act out



10- Read "Theseus"


Theseus Preview.doc 

Theseus and the Minotaur.doc  

11-Theseus Cause and Effect.doc 


Theseus and the Minotaur Video.doc  

Add Theseus to Hero Chart


Preview  and begin "Hercules" 

Hercules Chart.doc

15- Finish "Hercules" 

Hercules Quiz


Hercules Content Quiz.doc


"Pereus and the Gorgon" video

Perseus and the Gorgon.doc



Perseus and Hercules Compare/Contrast

Perseus and Hercules-

Great Quests.doc


Read "Bellerophon"


Use mythweb link:




Complete hero chart

Hero Review Power Point Game

Hero PP Quiz.ppt


Hero Review Project

Hero Project.doc


18- Hero Quiz

Hero Quiz.doc  


Brainstorm and plan "Hero Quest"

The Great Quest Plan.doc  

The Great Quest Writing Rubric.doc


Draft "Hero Quest"



Nature Myths from Mythology.doc

22- Read "Persephone"

and "Echo and Narcissus"

Echo from Myth Packet.doc

Persephone from Myth Pack.doc


23- Revise and Publish "Hero Quest" 


Round robin sharing

Video- Defying the Gods Cartoon.doc



24- Read "Phaethon"


Begin Talk Show Skit 

Talk Show Skit.doc


Athena Interview.wmv

25- Study Guide 

Mythology Final Study Guide.doc


Mythology Find Someone Who.doc  



Skits due- Share 

Mythology Review Crossword.doc

Mythology Bingo Word List.doc


Study guide due-




Final Test

Mythology Test II.doc 


Video: Percy Jackson and the Olympians



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