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The goal of 7th grade speliing with Miss Hirst is to command respect by spelling words correctly.

The small step to meeting this goal is studying word lists and the general spelling patterns they follow,


In 7th grade, each spelling week begins with a list of words that follow a general spelling pattern.

Students take a prestest, study the words and the general pattern, and take a final test.


Here are a few lessons:


Lesson 1

lesson 2

lesson 3

lesson 4

Lesson 5 

lesson 7 

Lesson 9  

lesson 10

Lesson 11  


Updated activity list based on student reflection: 

Spelling Practice 2.doc


Here is a sample list of practice activities:

Spelling Practice.doc 


Here are a few sample review activites:

Spelling Review.doc

Spelling Reflection.doc


Visit this website for games to help you with your practice:


Free word search and crossword puzzle maker:



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