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Essential Seven

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Essential Seven




















Essential Seven-Seven Words Seventh Grade Students Must Use Correctly

In seventh grade, there are 7 sets of words students must remember to use correctly in order to share ideas, communicate efectively, and command respect:


1. a lot- a lot is two words


2. your/ you’re-

your mean belongs to you, you’re means you are


3. its/ it’s-

its means belongs to it, it’s means it is


4. there/ their/ they’re-

there is a place that’s not here, their means belongs to them, they’re means they are


5. are/ our-

are is a verb, our means belongs to us


6. to/ two/ too-

to is a preposition, two is 2, too means too much or also


7. try/ trying/ tried- Be careful! These words are often spelled incorrectly


E7 Daily Oral Language Project Planning Sheet.doc

E7 Poster.doc


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