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Lit Circles

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Lit Circles





Lit. Circles are used in seventh grade to offer choice and to accommodate a variety of levels.


Defining Literature Circles


1. Students choose their own reading materials from a selection of books at their levels


2. Small temporary groups are formed based upon reading levels


3. Different groups read different books


4. Groups meet on a regular, predictable schedule to discuss their reading


5. Students use assigned role pages to prepare for discussions To see the role pages, open the PDF file. Role Pages.pdf


6. Students prepare as deeply as possible


7. Group meetings aim to be open, natural conversations about books, so personal connections, digressions, and open-ended questions are welcome


8. Students change roles often to experience the book and discussions from a variety of levels


9. The teacher serves as a facilitator, not a group member or instructor


10. Evaluation is by teacher observation and student self-evaluation


The Students created test project is a student favorite.


Student Created Test Project Online.doc















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