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Choose Your Adventure

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Choose Your Adventure!




The idea behind this project is to plan, write, revise, and publish a choose your own adventure story. Choose your own adventure stories are unique in that readers must make decisions throughout the story. These decisions are important because they dictate the story's outcome.


The goal is to to use critical thinking skills while using an advanced graphic organizer and to include dialogue, sensory details, adventure, and vivid vocabulary.


Here are some student samples:

Erin's Scary Slumber Party.ppt 


Collin's A Nice Peaceful Travel.ppt


Melissa's  The Great Christmas Adventure.ppt


Sarah's Island of the Fates (language arts).ppt


Lake's Choose your own adventure.ppt


Here's a sample from Miss Hirst:

CYA- Dream Vacation.ppt


The Mysterious Box.ppt


Megan's "Dark Woods"

CYA Dark Woods.ppt



Isaiah's "Dragon Mountain"

Choose your adventure!.ppt


Alexis's "Broken Candy Cane"

Broken candy.ppt


Liam's "Choose Your Adventure, African Style"

CYA Liam.ppt



whats that.pptx


Graveyard Truth or Dare

CYA Muriel.ppt



Here's what you need to plan your own story:

Choose Your Own Adventure Plan.doc  

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