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Greek Mythology

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Greek Mythology



Mythology Schedule  


In the Greek mythology unit you will read a variety of myths and learn about their connections to today.


Here is a list of Unit Resources.


A favorite website about the Greeks is Mythweb.com.

These sheets helps you understand and remember more about the site:


Mythology Today Review.doc  


A great website that shows how the myths have contributed to the English language is Calliope.

Another is called an Etymological Dictionary 


Here are some projects you will do after reading the stories and learning about the characters:




Mythology Game Show Skit.doc


Mythology Yearbook.doc read this first: Creatures from Greek Mythology.doc


Character Poster Plan.doc


Mythology Review Crossword.doc


You can also fill in this template for your own Jeopardy!

Jeopardy Template.ppt


A review game we make in class is Mythology Find Someone Who.doc


Here's a vocab word list, it works for BINGO too!

Mythology Bingo Word List.doc








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