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Red Hot Root Words List 1-8

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Root Review

Lesson 1-9 Selected Words

Selected words and their roots



Lesson 1: Over/ Under


trans- across/over

Lesson 2: More, More, More

hyper- above/over/more

super- above/over/more

Lesson 3: Before and After

fore- before/toward

pre- before/toward

post- after/behind

Lesson 4: Backward and Forward

pro- forward/before

retro- backwards


Lesson 5: Around and Around

cir/circum- around

peri- around/surrounding/near

Lesson 6: Ways to Move

ad- to/toward

re- back/again

se-apart/ away

Lesson 7: Coming Through

dia- through/across

per- through/across

Lesson 8: Outside

a,ec,ef,ex- out of/ outside

extra/ exter- out of/ outside/ excessive

Lesson 9: Together

co, col, com, con, syn, sym- with/ together






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